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Friday, May 24, 2019

Growth through InnovationHow to reinvent your business throughout to regain growth

Shanshan Ye

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In today’s hyper-competitive environment, innovation has been universally embraced as a magic killer move. Everyone talks about some other company who, by design or by luck, hit it big with a brilliant new product in the same way lottery buyers talking about that lucky winner of a gigantic jackpot.


Yet for most companies chasing innovation and growth, the fate is rather similar to that of lottery buyers. Innovation is an activity that CEOs universally demand and CMOs would kill for, yet very few companies have ever pulled it o­. One of the reasons behind all the struggles is that, when it comes to innovation, too many companies are chasing elusive blockbuster new product which is hard to come by.


At Illuminera we believe the right mindset for innovation is not about hitting the jackpot but rather in systematically and continuously squeezing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire marketing process. By innovating and renovating existing business practices and o­fferings, instead of purely focusing on product innovations, a company can derive huge value by adopting cutting-edge business models, new ways to innovate/renovate products, and utilizing big data to enable precise marketing.


In this seminar, experts from multiple Illuminera boutiques will team up to share their real-world experience and cases on how they helped companies to drive growth through various innovations.


» A new take on innovation
» Reinventing your business - new business models to fuel growth
» Innovate innovation – effective product/service innovation approach
» The future of marketing is here – data empowered marketing

Who Should Participate

Marketing directors/managers, brand/product managers, strategy planners, etc.




Claire Zhang, Boutique Leader of THREE Innovation

Faye Tang, Boutique Leader of GrowthX

Matthew Lu, Chief Data Strategiest, IlluminAnalytics