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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Private Domain Business Model: The Force AwakensUnprecedented potential, a path for outstanding growth

Shanshan Ye

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Email: Shanshan.Ye@illuminera.com

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As brands run up against an ROI ceiling in public domain customers, costs have risen, and flexibility has reduced. The most viable way forward is to build private consumer pools and successfully generate revenue without relying on the public domain. The advent of private consumer pools is fast becoming a coveted avenue for generating traffic, but how can this ace in the sleeve be played? How can we convert traffic into private consumer pools to fuel a new round of growth?

Through a proprietary private consumer pool business model and playbook, Illuminera has identified five success factors and four core functionalities for private consumer pools. This allows brands to quickly formulate strategies and implementations to operate private domains efficiently.

In this seminar, Illuminera will share with you from “0→1→100” how to build private consumer pools, decode consumer pool planning, understand traps in consumer pool construction and management, and principles to follow for success.

*No charge for this event


Evaluate whether a brand is suitable for building a private consumer pool

Building private consumer pool strategies for brands

How to successfully manage private consumer pools

Share successful cases

Who Should Participate

Professionals in marketing, brand promotion, customer insight, product and service innovation, strategy and communication as well as digital transformation


Online (We will send access details upon registration)


Faye Tang, Boutique leader, GROWTHX