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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Making of Blockbuster DrugsThe art of developing powerful brands in the pharmaceutical industry

Shanshan Ye

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If there is one phenomenon that has defined the pharmaceutical sector in the past decade, it has to be the commoditization of drugs. Increasingly, highly anticipated drugs rolling out of pipelines turn out to be nothing revolutionary. Gone are the days when the unique strengths of a product allows the drug to sell itself regardless of brand strategy.

Bad news for pharmaceutical companies, but a golden opportunity for healthcare marketing professionals! When drugs resemble each other so much, whoever is capable of making their drug stand out in customers’ minds wins the war.

The route to powerful brand strategy, however, is not so clear in an industry that is for the most part sales-driven. Complex market environments and confusing decision-making processes further complicate the situation. At Illuminera, it is our belief that, regardless of how special an industry may be, the most effective brand strategy should be grounded on insights and inspired by creativity. With this belief, our consultants developed a bespoke framework for formulating brand strategy in the pharmaceutical industry, contributing positively to the development of many brands, including prescription drug brands.

In this seminar, Illuminera will offer new approaches, share our best practices in brand strategy development, and discuss the art of building a blockbuster brand in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The power of sound brand strategy

What makes a brand strategy great?

How to stand out in intense competition

New ways to build powerful brand strategies in the pharmaceutical market

Who Should Participate

Directors and managers in the pharmaceutical industry, strategy/marketing executives and directors and other professionals in brands and products


Online (We will send access details upon registration)


Evan Zhou, Boutique leader, MEDX