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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Seizing the Race for Consumer DemandThe Confrontation Between Old and New Players in the Digital Era

Shanshan Ye

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In the era of big data, new cutting-edge brands that seized the opportunity have entered the market strongly, entering the hundred-million-yuan club faster than ever, stunning consumers and the market again and again. Faced with the crazy shuffle of new brands, consumers no longer only recognize big names, Old players who have been in the market for many years are becoming confused: How can they compete with new brands? What are the spaces and opportunities for growth? How to keep up with the trend and achieve a stunning turnaround? Faced with increasingly "faster" upstarts, novel and cutting-edge brands also are facing iterative anxiety: when a single successful product is not a long-term solution, how can brand competitiveness be maintained and leading positions in competitive markets preserved?

The questions about growth, innovation, and branding are ultimately the issue of winning consumers.

How to dispel the fog of big data to identify and predict the trends and battlefields of target consumer demand?

The answer to this question has become more and more important in an era of tight traffic dividends and high marketing costs. After answering this question, the path to winning consumers may be obvious.

In this seminar, llluminera will share with you how to build a truly consumer-focused and results-oriented marketing roadmap and demonstrate tacticsin the digital era to help brands win consumers.

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How traditional brands achieve brand renewal

How new brands break through in a competitive market

The experiences of successful cases

Who Should Participate

Professionals in marketing, branding, customer insights, product and service innovation, strategy and communications, digital transformation, etc.


Online (We will send access details upon registration)


Alice He, Boutique leader, IlluminAnalytics

Clara Jia, Senior Manager, IlluminAnalytics