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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

E-commerce + Private DomainBig data "Doubles Model" to Help Pharmaceutical Companies Break Through

Shanshan Ye

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In recent years, the pharmaceutical market has experienced rapid expansion and growth. The COVID-19 has exposed the marketing shortcomings of the pharmaceutical industry, but it has also catalyzed the change and development of pharmaceutical e-commerce. The policy environment of the separation of doctors and drugs, prescription outflow, and 4+7 VBP has led to the increasing importance of "out-of-hospital channels", while pharmaceutical companies have sought ways to break through in the wave of digitalization.

In a variety of breakthrough methods, pharmaceutical e-commerce has been advancing with gradual standardization, liberalization of policy, and the power of big data. Data shows that in the past 3 years, the GMV compounded annual growth rate of mainstream pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms have exceeded more than 150%; in the next 3-5 years, the pharmaceutical e-commerce market will still show rapid development, with the volume expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.

The strategic significance of pharmaceutical e-commerce for pharmaceutical companies is not the left-hand to right-hand stock conversion, nor only a new retail channel, but more importantly the goldmine of data behind. E-commerce data empowerment will provide brands with accurate access to target groups in the public domain, achieve efficient conversion, and bring sustainable growth. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry provides a perfect growth environment for private domains due to the characteristics of specific groups of people, high gross margin of products, and rich service scenarios. Pharmaceutical companies can build private domains not only to effectively develop the out-of-hospital prescription market, empower the launch of new drugs, but also to achieve rapid market sinking and other multiple values. The patient assets brought in by big data precision marketing will also be diverted to the private domain to promote further patient education and transformation.

In this seminar, Illuminera will share with you how to use e-commerce big data to empower pharmaceutical companies to build accurate marketing strategies and achieve end-to-end and closed-loop innovative pharmaceutical private domains.


The current state of pharmaceutical e-commerce development

Methodology of big data-empowered pharmaceutical e-commerce and precise patient marketing

Application cases and past experiences of big data in pharmaceutical e-commerce

Private domains help pharmaceutical companies to grow, even when against market trends

Diverse application of pharmaceutical private domains

How to deploy the "doubles model" of pharmaceutical private domains + pharmaceutical e-commerce

Who Should Participate

Pharmaceutical professionals in marketing, branding, customer insights, product and service innovation, strategy and communications, digital transformation, etc.


Online (We will send access details upon registration)


Faye Tang,Boutique Leader of GROWTHX, Head of Private Domain Consulting

Aaron Guo,Senior Manager of Pharmaceutical Big Data of GROWTHX