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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Reimagining MarketingData-Empowered End-To-End Integrated Marketing Solutions with “Zero” Attrition

Shanshan Ye

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Email: Shanshan.Ye@illuminera.com

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L'Oreal's Midnight cream sold more than 100,000 on launch day, Yan Palace created IP co-branded products to break into new dimensions, traditional pharmaceutical companies made surprising actions to build private domains, and digital consumer insight platform Ghawar helped brands break through "data silos" ...... Illuminera unlocks the power of data, penetrates all aspects of marketing, and helps brands achieve "zero" attrition along the entire process from "0→1→100→∞".

In the era of complex and ever-changing digital marketing, Illuminera provides data-empowered and end-to-end integrated services in innovation, strategy, creativity, communication, channels, and marketing technologies, driven by big data technology and the interaction of consulting, AI algorithms, data assets, and business applications. Through a series of successful cases, Illuminera summarizes the strong strategy of end-to-end marketing and breaks into the bleeding edge of modern marketing with partner brands.

On June 30 (Wed.), 8:30am-12:30pm, Illuminera will hold a special session at the 7th GDMS to share how to use digital empowerment to drive the future of marketing, realize “zero” attrition in end-to-end integration, and reconstruct marketing from the ground up.


Data Empowerment Enables Truly Integrated End-To-End Marketing Solutions with “Zero” Attrition

- Using a “killer combo” to reach every segment of sales and raise brand commercial value

Rebuilding Brand Strategy in the Digital Age

- Brand strategy innovation and business models in a digital storm

The Force Awakens in Private Domains: Restructuring Commercial Models for Companies and Industries

- Unprecedented potential, a path for outstanding growth

Data Empowerment Changes the Formula of Innovation

- Building a digital strategy roadmap to help new products launch strongly

C2M Product Helps Yan’s Palace Break into New Dimensions

- A perfect match of product and target consumer

Winning Across Touchpoints,Breaking Through Data Silos
- Insight into cross-touchpoint chains to reshape the consumer journey

Who Should Participate

Professionals in marketing, branding, customer insights, product and service innovation, strategy and communications, digital transformation, etc.


Offline (We will send access details upon registration)
Address: 301 Ball Room, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing-Illuminera Session
(No. 2739 Guangfu West Road, Putuo District, Shanghai)


Leon Duan, Leader of Digital Transformation, Illuminera
Faye Tang, Boutique Leader of GROWTHX, Illuminera
Matthew Lu, Chief Data Strategist, Illuminera
Carol Cai, Boutique Leader of STORiE, Illuminera
Claire Zhang, Boutique Leader of THREE INNOVATION, Illuminera