Empower the Future of Marketing



Illuminera successfully holds GDMS Summit special session

With the advent of the digital era, the concepts and approaches of traditional marketing have undergone profound changes, and marketers are faced with many challenges: How to identify the new opportunities of new products, create popular products, and attract new traffic? How to innovate brand strategies and business models? How to convert private domains into the growth engine of the enterprise? How to break down "data silos" and master the omni-touchpoint end-to-end chain?

On June 30, 2021, Illuminera successfully held a special event at the 7th GDMS Summit to share the in-depth thinking and insights on a data-empowerment-driven future of marketing for industry colleagues, and to interpret how to reconstruct marketing and achieve "zero" attrition in the whole chain. At the same time, Illuminera officially launched Ghawar, a novel omni-touchpoint consumer insight platform to break the fog of multi-touch marketing for brands.

New Products, New Brands, New Models

Using data empowerment to realize "zero" attrition in the end-to-end marketing chain

Data Empowers New Products
In a rapidly iterating market, clarifying the strategic intent of new products and identifying the needs of target users will successfully define the principles and areas of new product innovation, helping new products break through and quickly seize market share. Illuminera believes the combination and empowerment of large and small data will align the strategic intent of new products through target user needs, and the digital strategy roadmap will help new products launch strongly and successfully and break out from the "repetitive" competition.

Data Empowers New Brands

The classical branding theory is gradually failing in the Internet era. Illuminera proposes the "brand trumpet" strategy, which can achieve the effect of making a big difference with modest resources through data empowerment, covering branding strategy for the front and back ends of the products, penetrating through the whole process of product design, sales channels, media contacts and product implementation. Innovating and reinventing the business models, reconstructing the marketing value chain, anchoring the space, defining the core, and establishing a new business ecology will be the only choice for brands to break out from the competition.

Data Empowers New Models

In recent years, private domain has become the traffic whirlwind that brands can't miss, but most of the private domains have brought limited sales growth. How can this new marketing model really become the growth engine of enterprises? Illuminera has launched the latest private domain model to empower brands, starting from five elements: private domain role positioning, ecological planning and business model, innovation design, data strategy, and infrastructure construction and operation, to quickly build private domain "positions". Besides, the "doubles model" of e-commerce and private domains empowered by big data will build accurate marketing strategies for pharmaceutical companies, achieving end-to-end and closed-loop innovative pharmaceutical private domains.

New Data Defines the New Full Domains

Illuminera launches Ghawar to break through data silos

At the event, Illuminera officially launched Ghawar, a novel omni-touchpoint consumer perspective insight platform to collect multi-touchpoints and end-to-end consumer data, aiming to help brands see multi-touchpoint chains and reshape the consumer journey.

Today, the changing media landscape and evolving consumer behavior patterns have created a series of pain points in the marketing industry: scattered and random consumer touchpoints, fragmented marketing data retrieval, difficulty in grasping the operational status of each touchpoint, and stagnant evaluation and optimization of marketing effectiveness. Brands are unable to map and examine the consumer chain, nor are they able to evaluate the effectiveness of each touchpoint, promote multi-touchpoint, medium and long-term precise marketing solutions, or ultimately maximize marketing investment.

With the help of advanced AI algorithms and mature big data analysis, Ghawar, the novel omni-touchpoint consumer insight platform, directly hits the core pain points of marketing in the mobile Internet era. Ghawar uses advanced data collection technology and sample database recruitment and management to connect multiple touchpoints, forming a complete consumer chain of insights, hitting the core pain point of brand marketing in the mobile Internet era. With technology and operation as the grip, Ghawar realizes end-to-end cross-APP consumer chain reshaping, panoramic crowd portrait portrayal, and accurate layout of goods in the full domain, which greatly improves media effectiveness and provides scientific strategic support for brands' multi-touch multimedia marketing.

In this summit, Illuminera, along with domestic and foreign well-known brands and industry experts, shared a series of excellent cases of brand-aware marketing, in order to give marketers more reference and inspiration.