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Illuminera Launches Ghawar, A Novel Consumer-Centric Digital Insight Platform, Helping Brands Break Through

Ghawar, a novel consumer-centric digital insight platform, has been officially launched by Illuminera. Ghawar constructs true whole domains with new data, collects complete consumer data from cross-touchpoints and end-to-end channels, reshapes the consumer journey, and discovers the winning rules of brand marketing with data empowerment.

With the increasing fragmentation of consumer attention and marketing touchpoints, the "data silos" between different touchpoints has become the biggest challenge for data-empowered marketing. How can brands collect and integrate the scattered data in different touch points to a big picture? How can multiple touchpoints be connected to form a full chain of consumer insights under the existing big data regulatory framework?

Illuminera believes that the only way is to follow data acquired from multiple scattered media platforms to a one-stop source - consumers themselves. Therefore, through more than 2 years of research and development, Illuminera has continuously optimized the platform establishment mechanism and strengthened technical foundations, and finally launched the new consumer-centric digital insight platform--Ghawar.

Ghawar originates from the Ghawar Oil Field in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest onshore oil field in the world. With the advent of the big data era, data has become a valuable resource like oil, a driving force for brands to achieve disruptive growth and a new "oil field" to create business value in the future. With the name of "Ghawar", lluminera is looking forward to exploring the rules and business codes behind data in cooperation with brands.

Backed by patented technologies, Ghawar lays the foundation for cross-touchpoints insights

With advanced AI algorithms and data collection technologies such as CV (computer vision target detection), OCR (optical character recognition), and NLP (natural language processing), the Ghawar platform connects multiple touchpoints of data to form a complete consumer chain of insights. With the union of technology, operation, and policy, Ghawar solves three fundamental problems:

Consumers' willingness to share data; the possibility of cross-APP data collection; and analysis combined with algorithms + consulting. First, under the premise of compliance, consumers are able to share data through effortless passive metering, forming a long-term fixed sample base. Second, the cross-app multi-touchpoint data collection technology can comprehensively reflect the natural behavior of consumers and be deeply combined with behavior monitoring and user research. Third, the data needs to be sorted and counted by professional marketers after the data return to identify and bring its value into play. The Ghawar platform has a team of marketing consultants behind it who are proficient in big data analysis and can integrate and reconfigure machine algorithms and marketing consulting.

Ghawar brings disruptive insight capabilities with technology and operations as its strong suits

With the integrated use of multiple types of recruitment and activation methods, the sample size of the Ghawar platform continues to grow while the granularity and depth of the data insights obtained continue to deepen. Ghawar brings disruptive insight capabilities that will create immeasurable value for the industry:

End-to-end, cross-app continuity tracking of the consumer chain

Under a strict and transparent compliance policy, Ghawar has completed in-app data collection in different apps and is able to parse and describe consumer journeys across touchpoints. No matter how many touchpoints consumers go through in the chain from awareness to purchase and how much time each step spans, we can achieve continuous tracking through the Ghawar platform to help brands deconstruct the consumer journey and find the key to reinvent it.  

Evaluating indirect, medium-term ,and long-term effects of advertising

Often, the mid- to long-term and indirect effects of many advertisements are difficult to evaluate and cannot be fully measured in terms of the value they bring to current business. Ghawar helps brands realistically assess media effectiveness and optimize their media strategies by tracking the impact of advertising on consumers over the medium to long term.

Combining behavioral data and research data to uncover the cause

We combine consumer data and research data to explore the reasons behind consumer behaviors, grasp the needs, mindsets, and scenarios of consumers, and bring deeper insights to brands.

In addition, Ghawar relies on the platform's own rich data resources and the powerful analysis capability of Illuminera’s consulting team to help brands reshape the consumer chain, realize the accurate placement of products in all channels, significantly improve media effectiveness, provide scientific strategic support for brands' multi-touchpoints multimedia marketing, and bring disruptive and profound insights to the industry.

Ghawar has already launched different series of products to provide brands with different dimensions of market insights, such as tracking and comparing the activities and effects of multi-touchpoint brand marketing, discovering excellent operational examples of peers in a certain touchpoint, and analyzing specific audience profiles and active touchpoints, etc. Ghawar is also committed to cooperating with brands to crack the ultimate mystery of marketing and maximize brand business value.