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Illuminera Launches BEXperience to Create Winning Consumer Experience

With increasingly sophisticated consumer demands, competition of brand marketing has being moved from products to experiences. Creating winning consumer experiences offers an opportunity for true differentiation, adding to revenue and bottom-line. Behave!, an Illuminera's boutique which specialized in behavioral science research, officially launched its new marketing solution – BEXperience, to help brands design successful marketing solutions driven by memorable and competitive experience.

Since there is a deviation between consumer insights and real behaviors, brands should also consider consumers’ cognitive biases, variables affecting decision-making, and the embedment of peak-end memory moment in experience design. We have firmly interwoven key behavioral science ideas into the core design process of experience strategy and execution. Our approach not only helps marketers and designers to develop powerful experience strategy and experience ideas, but also brings alive the ideas to reality. Creating winning consumer experiences is about influencing consumer behavior – nudging the consumers to come back to repeat the experience and also advocate the experience to others. Hence experience design process’s embrace of behavioral economics is a no-brainer.

BEXperience is based on a unique framework of mindstates, nudge forces and EPIC rule of evaluation, forming three modules - experience strategy, experience design and experience expression.

Based on the above mentioned 3 basic frameworks, BEXperience takes full advantage of behavioral science, which can lay the foundation of experience strategy, anchor the key factors of experience development, improve communication effects with "experience", and fulfill a distinct growth in both brand asset and positive awareness.


In addition to BEXperience, Behave! also boasts of another very unique product based on behavioral science to nudge consumers’ decision making - BEBrand. With support of the whole set of framework of forces, paths and vehicles, BEBrand helps marketers develop powerful brand nudge strategies, deriving their strength from the way consumers make choices. 

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