Empower the Future of Marketing



Illuminera algo, “Marketing-Hacking Algorithms”

IlluminAnalytics, a boutique of Illuminera, recently announced its upgrade to algo, dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of the big-data-empowered future of marketing.

When the concept of big data became popular in 2015, Illuminera took the lead in establishing IlluminAnalytics. Relying on its deep consulting industry roots and unique insights into data, IlluminAnalytics used data to empower end-to-end integrated services including innovation, strategy, creativity, communication, channel and marketing technology, accumulating rich industry and project experience.

This upgrade aims to build leading data-driven strategy consulting capabilities, continuously accumulate knowledge and methodology, deepen service output and business effects, optimize product portfolio services, and explore new opportunities for big data platforms and automated marketing. algo will integrate the notion of "Marketing-Hacking Algorithms" into the service, and constantly think about how to break through the shackles of platforms and the changeable digital environment to provide clients with real, effective, and traceable business solutions. algo will seek more growth possibilities for customers and realize the mutual linkage of consulting, technology, algorithms, data assets, and commercial applications.

Alice He, Boutique Leader of algo, commented, “This upgrade announces that IlluminAnalytics has fully achieved its historic mission, and further indicates that algo will explore and break though the boundaries of big data in marketing insights, strategy, and application under Illuminera’s mission of “empowering the future of marketing”. Based on a deep understanding of business logic, algo will empower brands to plan their strategic direction based on data logic, continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of brand marketing with data algorithms, and explore the future of marketing automation. At the same time, algo will continue to play the role of the most cutting-edge explorer, continuously accumulate project practice, incubate and develop more business and product modules for Illuminera, and better lead the digital marketing transformation.”

According to Paul Zhou, CEO of Illuminera, data algorithms will create more business possibilities. algo will help the group's business to scale up by deconstructing data and logic rules and developing replicable algorithm programs.

In the future, algo will focus on driving marketing strategy and implementation by data algorithms, work with brands through digital marketing innovation to promote maximum marketing efficiency and effectiveness, and help brands shape more sustainable growth in the future.