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Co-Development of Growth Roadmaps for a Nascent Market: Enhance Elderly Welfare and Unleash the Category’s Potential

In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak accelerated the development of the digital economy. China’s demographic greying is overlapping with the  ‘aging with wealth’ trend and the accelerated development of the digital economy, which greatly stimulated the potential of the online market for elderly goods. Among the elderly, ‘urinary incontinence’ is a widespread problem, with one in three elderly suffering from  incontinence. In the face of such huge demand, the market outlook of incontinence care products is extremely positive and will undoubtedly bring benefits to the middle-aged and the elderly.

With the support of Tmall’s middle-aged and elderly industry platform, Illuminera is honored to work with the five quality brands of incontinence care: Zhoudaren, Dr.P, Lifree, ACTY, and Depend to increase the penetration of the category in the middle-aged and elderly groups, enhance category GMV, upgrade consumption, build an innovative cooperation model between the industry and businesses, and realize the integration of multi-brand capabilities and resources.

Industry Leaders CooperateCooperative Innovative for a Win-Win Future

Despite the huge market potential of incontinence care products, the growth of this category has encountered bottlenecks due to consumers' stereotypes against accepting and using this kind of products, as well as lack of strategies for consumer segment identification, goods matching, and user education communications. In response to this dilemma, Illuminera has created a new cooperation model with Tmall and the five market leaders to help brands obtain core insights for end-to-end strategies and operations guidance in a cost-effective manner, co-constructing growth logic, and navigating the industry to better define brand empowerment. At the same time, the cooperation between vendors promotes market growth and achieves a win-win situation. For the whole industry, the multi-brand cooperation model has created a more recognizable industry label, improved growth logic, and developed an effective marketing methodology. In the future, this methodology can be fully rolled out and continuously reapplied to more incontinence care brands, laying the foundation and direction for the industry’s further development.

Double Empowerment of ‘Large and Small Data’ to Achieve ‘Zero’ Attrition from Beginning to End

Illuminera fully studied the growth logic behind the category. With the support of Alibaba Data platform, Illuminera has been analyzing large and small data, improving data insights, and applying product infrastructure. We refined the ‘incontinent middle-aged and elderly’ into several strategic groups, clearly defined their characteristics and needs, and accurately identified them through Alibaba Data. Then, through end-to-end data empowerment, we formed a one-stop marketing closed loop of ‘insight - strategy - implementation - feed back to insight’, realizing ‘zero’ attrition from strategy design to implementation and maximizing the accurate implementation of the strategy. In our co-creation with Zhoudaren, we helped to implement strategies in the whole operation, including store education modules, information pages of major products, front touch materials, paid media delivery,  short videos and livestreaming. Through a series of tests, validation, and optimization, we pushed through each marketing link and significantly improved the business value of the brand.

Multi-Point Forces Play a “Marketing Combo" to Promote  Industry Co-Development

Based on profound insights into the categories and deep cooperation with Alibaba, Illuminera has launched a multi-point ‘marketing combo’ to fully empower the adult incontinence care industry. Illuminera has developed comprehensive marketing strategies for its partnerss, strengthening the attraction, communication and conversion of strategic groups, formulating accurate and effective communication strategies, and designing communication materials suitable to different channels. Take the Zhoudaren cooperation project as an example, through end-to-end strategy deployment and operation guidance, the brand's transaction value during the landing period was 10% higher than the industry average, and the increased number of new customers was 24% higher than the industry average. At the same time, we redefined the goods track, upgraded the category division from basic function, experience, use case, and emotion, and achieved category iteration and consumption upgrades through various innovative approaches such as C2M consumer co-creation.

To address industry challenges in the field of incontinence care, Illuminera has partnered with the Tmall middle-aged and elderly industry and representative brands to define core propositions and integrate industry resources to break through precisely and resolve consumer pain points directly. At the same time, we have carried out comprehensive planning and deployment, utilized and amplified the advantages of Alibaba Data, making it possible for multiple brands to implement strategies at the same time, sharing project results and helping category development.

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