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ILLUMINCLOUD  Cutting-edge innovation lab enabling transformation in products, services, and business models

IlluminCloud is Illuminera’s digital innovation lab; here we offer two lines of services to our clients: 1. high quality online insight communities (MROC) where we have been the market leader providing a full suite of solutions designed for China; and 2. consumer-centric innovation consulting aims to enable rapid and continuous product and service innovations on the client side.  


  • Customized exclusive consumer insight community

  • Insight on demand: UA/ Concept Test / Concept+product test / Needs exploration / Innovation / Communication cocreation

  • Intimate consumer understanding

  • Opportunity identification

  • Problem solver

  • Insight in crisis

  • Consumer co-creation


Bring Your Brand Closer to Consumers

Although the importance of hearing consumer’s voice is known to all, difficulty occurs when marketers have to make quick decisions. Since April 2012, IlluminCloud has been working with one of the largest retailers in China to deliver insights upon request by applying an innovative online community solution; it allows the retailer to access a highly engaged consumer community online 24/7 and know the pulse of consumers. The platform is private and can only be accessed by invited and screened members who are recruited to reflect the target consumer group. 


Tracking Responses with Open Platform

Every month new topics are raised as needs emerge, e.g., customers’ preference in store displays, awareness levels of public health issues and an integrated customer feedback during all stages of a sales campaign. Due to the on-going nature of the topics in the community, the retailer can track and capture consumption trends and quickly respond with new products and services.


The solution enables clients like the retailer to understand the consumer group, know their demands and adjust the sales strategy accordingly.