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Empowering the Future of Marketing – a new boutique vision from Illuminera

2018-05-21, Shanghai

The context and impact of marketing has undergone significant changes.

First, the escalation of media touch points has disrupted consumer attention spans. If the main marketing message doesn’t rapidly engage, all your strategic marketing effort investment may be futile.

Second, the explosion of media touch points has thrown out numerous digital tribal societies, particularly social media, where diverse opinions and beliefs are magnified. Mega brand, one-size-fits-all campaigns are therefore often irrelevant now, with many consumers only wanting to tune into what specifically appeals to them.

Furthermore, the traditional divide between media and retail touch points has narrowed, with more consumers using ecommerce retail platforms to buy direct via social and other media. There aren’t many businesses that have restructured their brand marketing to reflect this shift.

It’s apparent the marketing domain must transform if it’s to survive in this new digital age. But it’s still relatively unclear what the primary driving forces are that will ensure its sustainability.

Here at Illuminera, we believe these forces are consumer-centricity and data-empowerment.

Many brands are already focused on consumer-centricity – but it hasn’t been a priority. This used to be okay due to the power of mega brands in a mass communication era, where the sheer ‘muscle’ of scale and investment guaranteed success. But now that purchasing power has shifted towards consumers, brands must truly respect their preferences to survive.

While traditional consumer-centricity often meant the integration of some consumer insights into marketing strategy, the proliferation of media-driven ‘big data’ requires a more pronounced assimilation. Knowing ‘who’ each individual consumer is, to be able to engage them via specifically tailored, data-empowered messages, is essential for today’s marketing strategy.

Illuminera has subsequently developed a new market offering: Empower the Future of Marketing. It integrates today’s primary driving forces of marketing, as well as the following key marketing functions once defined as specialised modules: innovation, strategy, creative, media, and route-to-market. Fuelled by the empowerment of data, this innovation will ensure that future marketing strategy is on-target and consumer-centric.

As explained by Paul Zhou, CEO of the Illuminera Group: “With more diversity in consumers and consumer needs, the traditional way of marketing segmentation no longer works – brands in the future need to create one-to-one communication with each individual consumer, and it is a prerequisite for brands to integrate marketing strategies across all channels, to ensure brands can reach the right audience with the right message at the right place.

“As a leading consumer-centric, data-empowered marketing consultancy firm, we believe that Illuminera will continue to help brands to grow their business with our superior, integrated marketing services.”


Illuminera Boutiques

THREE INNOVATION – Innovation for Inspiring Consumer Experience

With in-depth consumer insights and InsightCloud, the cutting edge online digital insights communities, THREE INNOVATION is dedicated to driving innovation for brands through understanding consumer needs and exploiting new innovation opportunities.

GROWTHX – Growth strategy and consulting for various consumer sectors

GrowthX, a new breed of insight-driven strategic consulting, helps clients grow by identifying and prioritising ‘white space’, planning out growth roadmaps, and devising innovative products, services and business models.

IllUMINBRAND – Consumer-centric brand strategy and communication planning

The creative-driven approach for brand strategy/communications should involve consumer- centricity. Via our Disciplined Creativity™ framework, IlluminBrand gathers insight to guide creative efforts, including inspiring out-of-the-box thinking. This will deliver practical and effective marketing strategies and communications grounded in consumer truth.

ILLUMINHEALTH – Marketing and brand strategy for the healthcare sector

IlluminHealth is at the forefront of uncovering insights that drive growth in the healthcare sector. In addition to renewed rigour and fresh problem-solving, it champions a different approach to pharmaceutical branding strategy, where the blend of insight, science and creativity has changed how marketers manage brands.

ILLUMINANALYTICS – Building the future of data-empowered business

Founded on Illuminera’s data analytics marketing strategy, IlluminAnalytics has become a leading big data marketing partner for Alibaba and other key players. It’s dedicated to reinventing a business world where decisions are driven by data analytic efficiencies maximised by algorithms. 

For more information, please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email Yan.Xu@illuminera.com.