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GrowthX Launched to Enable Client’s Growth

2017-11-22, Shanghai  

Illuminera officially relaunched the boutique IlluminInsight as GrowthX.

Apparently this relaunch was more than just a name change. This move was in line with the Group’s mission of empowering client’s business success and also reflected what IlluminInsight was about. As Faye Tang, the Head of GrowthX who led the relaunch, said, “when searching for the direction for our boutique, we found that over 70% of our past projects were directly aimed to help clients to grow. So the decision was easy. We are a boutique all about growing client’s business.”

GrowthX’ debut came at an interesting time. On one hand companies found growth increasingly hard to come by thanks to a slowing economy and fierce competition. On the other hand, the maturing Chinese consumers and emergence of new technologies also hint at many opportunities. “Regardless how tough a market has become, there are always winners who grow because they play smart. GrowthX is aimed to help our clients to become the winner!”, said Faye Tang.

GrowthX’ offerings will squarely focus on nothing but growth. From whitespace identification to smart geographic expansion, from business model transformation to route to market rationalization, from respositioning to grow to marketing operational excellence, everything GrowthX does will aim to fuel client’s growth. As Faye put it:” We are not in the business of consulting, we are in the business of growing client’s business!”.

The launch of GrowthX is only the first of many relaunches Illuminera is planning for. Paul Zhou, CEO of the Illuminera Group said: “In the last phase of our development, we branched out into various boutiques to cultivate specializations on critical business issues and strategic sectors. Now that we have done that successfully, it is time to enter a new phase where our boutiques push even further to become indisputable leaders in their chosen fields and, to support that efforts, to sharpen their positioning and assume their own brand identities”.

“Please stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months”, said Paul Zhou.

For more information, please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email Yan.Xu@illuminera.com.