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Illuminera launches STORiE to arm brands with stories that sell

IlluminBrand, an Illuminera boutique, recently announced its reincarnation to STORiE, devoted to crafting strategies for brands. STORiE weaves its strategy,  by starting with in-depth consumer insights, and follows up by translating the strategy into powerful creative messaging. This ensures that both the brand strategy and communication plan work in sync to better address consumer needs, and ultimately drive business growth for clients.

With the Internet flooding the consumers with endless choices to consider, it is far from enough for consumers to just “know” your brand. A strategy that can build an emotional connection with the consumer is critical for brands to stand out against competition Only by fully understanding consumers in all respects, including their emotive needs, can brands develop a winning brand strategy.

But a winning brand strategy could still fail without right creative messaging. With fragmented channels, diversified touch points, and shrinking attention span, it is increasingly daunting for brands to ensure that the right brand message can be effectively and coherently conveyed across all channels.

STORiE was born to provide brands with successful brand strategy and creative. STORiE is built on the foundation of IlluminBrand’s proven track record of building successful brand strategies for a number of multinational clients. With the recent addition of Sharon Chen as the Chief Creative Strategies of STORiE and her highly talented creative team, STORiE has shored up its capability to transform strategy into brilliant creative ideas.

Prior to STORiE, Sharon worked for more than 20 years in major 4A agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Ogilvy, Leo Burnet, and McCann. Sharon will now collaborate with Carol Cai, the boutique head of the erstwhile IlluminBrand to provide top-notch strategies and creative messaging.

Introducing the new boutique, Carol said, “The name STORiE is obviously derived from the word ‘story’ – we believe that branding is all about telling and selling stories. While strategy is about identifying the right story to tell, creative is about telling your story in an impressive and persuasive way. We now excel at both.”

“In our past experiences at IlluminBrand, we’ve seen brands suffering from various problems relating to strategy and creative ideas. We’ve seen brands developing their creative with a wrong strategy or no strategy at all, and we’ve seen brands ignoring their strategies when brainstorming their creative ideas even with the right strategy on hand. Often one of the contributing factors is using different vendors to work separately on strategy and creative, leading to lack of cohesive execution. “

“STORIE was born to help brands to fix these pain points, to make sure the strategy and creative messages are consistent, and the right brand story can be communicated to the right consumers in the right way,” Carol added.

Sharon commented, “The integrated one-stop marketing service is undoubtedly the future. Illuminera has become an industry leader in integrated marketing, and I believe STORiE will be a valuable component of the full marketing solutions suite provided by Illuminera.” 

For more information, please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email Yan.Xu@illuminera.com.