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Illuminera launches MEDX,driving business growth for healthcare brands

Illuminera recently announced its launch of MEDX as the leading strategy house in healthcare industry, building robust product launch strategies while accelerating the rapid business growth for healthcare brands.

The healthcare market has radically changed in the past few years with the Chinese officials showing unprecedented determination to reform the industry. With loosening up in CFDA’s new drug approval process and the government’s support to generic drugs, healthcare brands must seize the golden opportunity in the first few years after market entry before its patent period expires.

Moreover, marketers in healthcare industry are faced with more diversified channels both online and offline, so they’re obliged to craft new marketing strategies and adapt them to emerging channels to keep business growth, more than ever.

MEDX aspires to help healthcare brands to survive and thrive in this ever-changing market. Since its foundation, Illuminera has been providing superior marketing services to many well-known healthcare brands, which gives MEDX the capability to provide one-stop marketing solution from strategy, planning, to execution.

Evan Zhou, Boutique Leader of MEDX, commented, “Despite of the market changes, we still believe that consumer centricity is still at the heart of healthcare business. What’s different is that brands can no longer follow their legacy market strategies from the past. Instead they need to fully understand the potential risks and challenges in the new environment before making a decision. But even a first-class strategy is no guarantee to the business success – a faithful strategy landing is harder than ever in the current complex circumstances, which means that we not only need to develop first-class strategy for healthcare brands, but also need to help them to deal with the rising issues when implementing their strategy, and more importantly, to adjust the strategy in real time if necessary to adapt to market changes or feedbacks.”

“By offering industry leading service that ranges from promoting new product launches to driving performance growth, we’re dedicated to helping our clients in the healthcare industry to lead from the front in the increasingly fierce market competition." Evan added.

For more information, please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email Yan.Xu@illuminera.com.