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Partnership Developed between Illuminera and University of Michigan

2017-11-09, Shanghai

A new academic partnership between the University of Michigan and Illuminera, the leading data-empowered marketing consultancy, will create powerful support for Illuminera’s data modeling, algorithm application, and its marketing AI. The partnership is crucial to promote cooperation in data science education and scientific research between both parties.

According to the MOU signed earlier this week, 

•   Illuminera is to work with faculty members and Ph.D. students from U-M LSA Department of Statistics on real world projects;

•   The qualified data science students from Michigan will be ensured with both internship and full-time job opportunities in Illuminera;

•   Potentially Illuminera will provide self-owned real world data sets for Michigan students in purpose of analytical and modeling research.

Paul Zhou, Founder and Group CEO of Illuminera, said, “Partnership with University of Michigan will entitle us to retain the top talents in the field of data science, which will drive us to improve and keep the leading position in data empowerment. We will also benefit from the state-of-the-art research capability of faculty members in Michigan, and together we will help brands reach the foreseen algorithm driven marketing solutions in near future.”  

For more information please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email to Yan.Xu@illuminera.com.