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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Creating Winning and Memorable ExperiencesA systematic approach based on mindstates and nudge forces


With increasing consumer demands, and lack of technological opportunities for product differentiation, it is natural for marketers to try to distinguish themselves on the quality of experience they offer. In the "experience economy" creating differentiated and special experiences is necessary not just for services, but for every product. How we evaluate experiences and remember them subsequently, is determined by complex consumer needs and dynamics.

Experience design needs to be firmly rooted in consumers needs and mindstates. Based on the 16 basic desires theory we have identified 9 mindstates relevant to consumption and experience.

Once the basic direction of the experience is finalized, we next need to see how we can translate it into actual experience elements. Consumers use certain heuristics (which we have coalesced into nudge forces) to evaluate experiences. We describe how to decide the nudge forces to employ based on - the mindstates the experience intends to cater to, the nudge profile of the category and the strengths of the brand.

Lastly, we need to identify all potential frictions which could derail the experience, and develops a strategy to smoothen them.

In this seminar we will describe a systematic approach based on a solid foundation of behavioral sciences and design thinking to create powerful consumer experiences. The approach has two core concepts: goals and mindstates, nudge framework for experience design representativeness.


How mindstates framework can understand consumer needs, and develop the core of the experience strategy

Using the key behavioral science concepts to develop key elements of the experience

Taking the strategy further into design elements using a multidisciplinary approach and design thinking

Who Should Participate

Professionals in marketing, branding, consumer insights, product and service innovation, strategy and communications, digital transformation, etc.


Online (We will send access details upon registration)


Ashok SethiBoutique Leader, Behave!,Illuminera

Shanice Lam,Executive Director,Behave!,Illuminera