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Thursday, May 19, 2022

How to Build Powerful Patient Experience Management to Win the CompetitionFormulate patient-centric strategy and fuel business growth with multi channels


In the recent years, with a series of newly promulgated policies intensifying market competition throughout China’s pharmaceutical industry, more and more players started to explore the patient-centric business model and devise brand strategy from a different perspective. The new way of doing marketing helps brands expand to the entire patient journey with multi channels, and achieve further value by patient driven strategy landing and ultimately elevate business growth.

However, how to formulate the powerful brand strategy upon mutual benefits of physicians and patients, which can trigger physicians’ prescription and patients’ acceptance? How to work out a strategy in / out of hospital channel for prescription acquisition? How to support business expansion strategy with patient-centric model? How to cover the full product life cycle and initiate the strategic decision-making?

Illuminera cordially invites market practitioners to join our online streaming talk on May 19, to explore how to devise powerful patient experience management(PEM), and discuss how to design efficient patient communication strategy, optimize patient experience, achieve patient acquisition in and out of hospital channel, and build an innovative ecosystem of physicians and patients.


What is the business objective of PEM

Common pitfalls of typical PEM


How to devise a powerful PEM

Real-world case sharing of PEM

Who Should Participate

NPD leader, branding leader, BU heads, heads of strategy, digital transformation, patient program, retail, CEO, CMO, VP


Online (We will send access details upon registration)


Adele Wu, Boutique Leader of iHEALTH

Grace Chen, Associate Director of iHEALTH