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Thursday, December 15, 2022

How to build A "Patient-centric" Healthcare Ecosystem by Close-loop Patient Pathway EngineeringThe innovative business model and ecosystem are rising to become a new direction


Large state-owned hospitals have always been the main battlefield for major pharmaceutical companies. However, under the influence of a series of policies, the traditional business model is facing greater challenges. The demand for comprehensive and in-depth understanding of patients and joint decision-making with patients continues to emerge, and the market pattern is changing. The innovative "patient-centric" business model and ecosystem are gradually rising to become a new direction for pharmaceutical companies to seek growth.

How to build an innovative business model based on patient insights? How to build a closed loop of patient centric ecosystem and business empowerment? How to customize brand-specific strategies for different disease segments or life cycles? Illuminera's unique Close-loop Patient Pathway Engineering(PPE) model helps major pharmaceutical companies to understand the needs of patients, and precisely stimulate the strategy impact and brand potential.

On December 15th, marketing experts from iHEALTH, an Illuminera boutique, will sharehow to create a Close-loop PPE model and build a "patient-centric" innovative healthcare ecosystem.


  • The importance of building a patient centric business model
  • Drivers analysis of Close-loop PPE
  • Best practice sharing of Close-loop PPE
  • Implication of Close-loop PPE for pharmaceutical companies

Who Should Participate

New product launch leaders and brand leaders of pharmaceutical and medical companies. Business unit or project leader for marketing, branding, customer insights, product and service innovation, strategy and communications, retail channels, digital transformation, etc.



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Adele Wu, Boutique Leader of iHEALTH
Grace Chen, Associate Director of iHEALTH