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iHEALTH Patient-centric Strategy Consulting

Traditional pharmaceutical and medical device marketing is usually HCP-centric. Nowadays, along with the healthcare policy and environment change, a patient centric-business model becomes an irresistible trend.

Traditional HCP-centric business model focuses only on a part of patient journey within hospital channel, solving the business question of target patient group and usage pattern. The patient-centric model expands to a broader spectrum - not only in the hospital channel, but also to the out-of-hospital channel (eg. retail pharmacy, pharmaceutical e-commerce, etc.). In addition to the original impact brought by the HCP-centric model, it can also help to grasp the business opportunities of: earlier hospital presence, diagnosis and treatment initiation (to enlarge the business source); usage compliance management (to achieve more sustainable business gains), patient acquisition in out-of-hospital channel (to enhance business performance in a wider territory), etc., all of which will help elevate brands’ business growth.

The patient-centric business model covers the full product life cycle. In the early stage of R&D, products are designed echoing with demands of meaningful target patient groups. In the stage of new product launch, the powerful brand strategy is formulated upon mutual benefits of physicians and patients, which can trigger physician’s prescription and patient’s acceptance. During the maturity period, it supports business expansion strategy by leveraging not only physicians’ but also patients’ motivators.

Based on solid and rigorous market insights, iHEALTH strives to deconstruct business problems in a logical framework and scrutinize the origin. We continuously break through traditional mindsets and adopt innovative thinking models to help clients build successful patient-centric business solutions.


  • Patient Experience Management

    Dissect the entire patient journey, scrutinize needs gap and formulate solutions to optimize patient experience, achieve multi-stakeholders’ value and mutual-win

  • Business Solution for Entire Product Life Cycle
  • Market Assessment & Forecasting

  • Market Expansion Strategy

  • Business Performance Diagnosis and Optimization

  • New Channel Strategy (eg. Retail, Online, etc.)

  • New Product Launch Strategy Formulation
  • Brand strategy formulation and landing

    STP (Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning) strategy
    By-segment communication strategy & tool-kits
  • Pricing strategy formulation

    Propose optimal price range via analytical pricing modeling and market access analysis, under the complex and dynamic market circumstances


A Superior Brand Strategy Backed by a Well-loved Brand Icon

Roche Diagnostics is a market leader in the hospital diagnostic equipment market where after-sale service plays an important role in customers’ usage experience. The Roche Customer Care (Roche CC) division has been leading the competition in providing comprehensive, speedy and high quality services.

The Roche CC leadership team had this far-sighted vision that a superior after-sale service function, if packaged right and communicated effectively, can become a major differentiator and even a purchase decision driver. Illuminera was privileged to be chosen as the partner to help Roche CC to realize this incredible vision.

Finding the anchor point to build a brand

The first hurdle in this engagement was to identify an anchor point that could support a brand which embodies what Roche CC is about, inspires what the division will be about, and differentiate itself from competition. Based on insights from customers and internal staff, Illuminera consultants mapped out the Needs Atlas© in after-sale service, plotted Roche’s and competition’s positions against others, and generated and tested several positioning ideas. In the end, an anchor point that clearly makes Roche CC standout was chosen.

Developing a brand architecture

With the brand anchoring point set, the Illuminera team set out to develop a complete brand architecture which in the future would dictate Roche CC’s brand value proposition, brand personality, tone and manner, reasons-to-believe, etc.

Bringing the brand strategy to life

A brand strategy, regardless how brilliant it is, is merely a piece of document unless it is fully communicated. This is especially a challenge since, unlike a typical product brand, Roche CC has quite different marcom channels (eg. on engineers’ uniform, maintenance status card on the machine, etc.) and various customer types. To ensure Roche CC fully benefit from our strategy, Illuminera recommended the adoption of a brand icon (thus the Panda Jia Jia) and a brand slogan. In addition, our team also developed a brand book which guides and regulates all future usage of the brand strategy as well as the brand visuals.

The new brand strategy and visuals enjoyed an exceptionally welcoming reception during Roche CC’s 2017 annual conference. We believe our efforts will help Roche CC to build a unique and impactful brand that helps the entire Roche Diagnostics business stand out from the crowd.

For more information, please send an email to: adele.wu@illuminera.com