Empower the Future of Marketing


Xiezhi B2B Strategy Partner & Business Booster

Based on solid market insight, long-term and rich experience with China’s leading companies in various categories, we are committed to empowering B2B companies in areas of continuous client acquisition and thus sustainable business growth, by offering our professional services.

In the competitive business environment, resources are always scarce. Through years of client services, we have found in B2B enterprises, they could be many hidden but potential assets that have not yet been converted into business generation. Thus Xiezhi was founded to help B2B enterprises quickly change from the reckless "staking" thinking to "professional" competitive thinking, through our professional business insight, scientific marketing tools and end-to-end services.

we aspire to become the strategic Profit Impact Partner of enterprises, and effectively improve their organic competitiveness and drive for higher business value.


  • Brand Power: Business Container Building
  • Professional Brand Strategy

  • Differentiated Entrepreneurial Branding Design

  • Sales Excellence: Effective Breakthroughs in Key Businesses
  • Map of Core Decision Journey

  • 0-1 Breakthrough of Key Accounts

  • Landing Capability: Accurate Reach of Fundamental Businesses
  • Accurate Portrait of Multiple Sceneries

  • Building of Core Decision-making Elements

  • Integration Competence: Enhance Business Stickiness and Improve Business Value
  • Business Partner Eco-system Creation

  • Identification and implementation of New Business