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STORiE Sound Brand Strategy + Super Creative = Stories That Sell

In many ways, marketing is all about story telling - stories that can sell. While strategy dictates the right story to tell, creative is about telling the story in a fascinating manner – both are inseparable parts to the success of a brand.

It is our view that the traditional creative-driven industry needs a healthy dose of consumer centricity and strategy mindset. STORiE was started to champion an insight-driven approach to brand strategy and communications. With our integrated strategy and creative team and proprietary Disciplined Creativity™ framework, STORiE utilizes insight to guide the strategy formulation and inspire creativity. The result: stories that are attention grabbing and can push products off the shelves in no time.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Insight-inspired brand strategy formulation

  • Brand concept development

  • Brand ideation/strategy workshop

  • Creatives
  • Brand assets (Logo, Visual Identity, Key Visual, Slogan)

  • Communication strategy and plan

  • Big idea and key creative assets
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign


Capturing new customers at low cost, this beverage giant again has a new way to play

Consumers have become increasingly smarter. They are not moved at all in front of various promotion methods, firmly protecting their wallet. Therefore, it makes marketing staff feel headache to recruit new customers. Moreover, it is an advanced problem to obtain customers at a low cost. How to detonate the business growth and brand value through efficient and accurate way of obtaining customers? An international beverage giant has given the answer with a summer treasure activity, which helps the brand break the circle quickly among the Z generation [1]. Apart from giving multiple concessions to consumers, the activity has also reaped a surprise of “new customers” for the brand. In three days, more than 40,000 new customers were recruited, and more than 60,000 new fans were added, accumulating a rich pool of high potential people for the coming “11.11”

As a world-class beverage empire with a history of centuries, the group brand has rich product lines in its hand, which covers several categories. How to improve the overall image and awareness of the group brand among Chinese consumers? Illuminera has the honor to cooperate with the team responsible for the internal resource integration of the brand and the digital marketing transformation business, and has launched Group Theme Day series of activities for three consecutive years to realize the double promotion of “brand image + business value”.

In this summer, with recruiting new customers for trial being the goal, with characteristic goods being the core and with product details page being the position of customer education, the Group Them Day activity again connected multiple sub brands, successfully attracting a group of new customers with purchasing power, worthy of follow-up investment and will have conversion during the big promotion period.

Breaking the circle with blind box, the century-old shop captures the “Z Generation”

It should not only stimulate customer’s curiosity but provide an exciting experience. It should not only attract the Z Generation, but also propagandize the brand image of “multi-category”. Based on those considerations, Illuminera, together with the brand side, has designed the activity idea of “Product Blind Box”, by setting up a “blind box” mechanism that the trial products of multiple categories are used as collection gift bags, and by the supplement of positive pricing strategy and packaging design with distinctive brand characteristics,so as to catch consumers’ eyes, pave the way for brand education and follow-up referral traffic, and further highlight the brand image.

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