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The mission of the Illuminera Institute is to advance the frontiers of market research and insights consultancy and enhance the capability to make the right marketing decisions in the changing marketing environment. We do this by initiating and conducting cutting-edge and thought leadership research, as also by contributing to skill-building to help harvest and harness insights.

Illuminera Institute is a part of the Illuminera Group, which was founded in 2007 with a vision to do market research differently. With this vision, Illuminera has shunned the path taken by other research firms, but has endeavored to be a genuine and long-standing partner to our clients, supporting them to take the right marketing decisions at all stages of marketing cycle and growing profitably.

Illuminera Institute has three key areas of focus

Training and Skill Building

  • Sharing of best practices

  • Advanced methods and new approaches

  • Foundational training

Illuminera Institute has been offering bespoke training and seminars for several years. We recognize that given the phenomenal growth of the industry in China, there is a perennial scarcity of trained manpower to conduct insightful and strategically focused research which can really help our clients make appropriate decisions. We want to contribute to help mitigate this problem by offering training - both to the practitioners of research and, to the users. We offer two streams of trainings – Inspiration Series and a more advanced Skill + Series.

Apart from these we design and deliver bespoke training to meet the specific needs of different organizations. The training could cover both foundational courses and advanced topics.

Insight Harvesting

  • Mining the currently available data

  • Joining the dots

Data, data everywhere – but not an insight to use! It is widely accepted now that it is not scarcity of data which is preventing companies from making the right marketing decisions. We acknowledge that organizations are inundated with data, both from their consultants and agencies, as also from their own internal sources and the web.

Illuminera Institute undertakes assignments where we look at all key sources of data available with our clients, do a meta-analysis, join the dots, and provide meaningful and consistent insights. We can do it as a one-time assignment or as a continuous exercise.

Thought Leadership

  • Deciphering the key trends in the market

  • Understanding changing mindset and values

While marketers are often lost in their own world of consumers and category users, there is a clear need to take a more macro look at the broader market and consumer, and study the key trends in the market, the changing mindset, and values, and draw implications from this for specific businesses.

We at Illuminera Institute focus on deciphering and interpreting consumer trends and changing consumer preferences and attitudes. The areas of focus vary from time to time and may include the study of specific segments (e.g. the Chinese centennials), specific markets (e.g. the self-health market) or specific business challenges (digital transformation).

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