Empower the Future of Marketing


MEDX The Healthcare Strategy House

In FMCG industries, various professional service providers stands by brand owners to achieve business success (regardless of the quality). While in healthcare industry, brand owner largely relies on themselves from strategy formulating to landing, with quite limited professional support.


MEDX, Healthcare Strategy House, enables clients’ business success, by providing insight-empowered strategy & actionable planning to marketing related issues


MEDX, Your Strategy Partner who is an expert in:

-        Strategy: Customer-centric Strategy Formulation

-        Planning: Faithfully Strategy Translation & Action Planning

-        Providing Expertise in Strategy Issues, such as market access, pricing, branding positioning , etc.


  • New Product Launch Excellence: Every aspects concerning product launch
  • Brand strategy development

  • Pricing strategy development

  • Strategy & tactic planning

  • Market access strategy

  • Etc.

  • Driving Brand Growth
  • Business issues diagnosis

  • Growth opportunity identification

  • Growth strategy formulation

  • Strategy & tactic planning

  • Communication strategy development

  • Execution effectiveness optimization

  • Competitive strategy formulation

  • Alignment workshop

  • Etc.