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Ghawar of Illuminera wins

Ghawar of Illuminera wins "Marketing Platform of the Year"

Ghawar, big data platform of Illuminera, won the Golden Vision Award of "Marketing Platform of the Year" with disruptive insight capability and innovative data empowerment. This award was presented by the Advertiser Review.  

Integrating big data and small data, Ghawar is able to achieve continuous tracking through cross-touchpoints at full spectrums of consumer journey. It forms a unique business insight with AI algorithms, data modeling, and business analytics. Ghawar has multiple patented technologies to build a new ecology of intelligent data collection and analysis of mobile phone consumer behavior.

Ghawar has offered a series of business solutions as below:

  • Media Tracking: Campaign reach & impression tracking towards self-brand and competitors 
  • Campaign Evaluation: Comprehensive brand campaign evaluation on real reach, post-exposure performance and brand perception evolution.
  • Creative Optimization: Industry communication material library and high post-exposure efficiency content attributes analysis.
  • TA Analysis: Brand target consumer groups analysis on multi-dimension incl. media habits, content preference, category intention and TA characteristics.
  • Consumer Journey: Real media touchpoints selection, platform switching, content preference and reason behind in target consumers’ decision journey.
  • Media Strategy: Media selection and cross-touchpoints synergy plan based on the post-exposure effectiveness.
  • Channel layout: Online channel panoramic scanning and products portfolio 

Ghawar so far has been able to collect more than 20 kinds of multi-dimensional behavioral data, from more than 30 mainstream APPs and over 60 touchpoints, including ad exposure, purchase/browsing, live-streaming, advertorial, info search, usage frequency/duration, etc.

multi-dimensional data across APPs can be collected

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