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Good Things Come in Pairs! Illuminera won 2 awards of Tiger Roar

Good Things Come in Pairs! Illuminera won 2 awards of Tiger Roar

On August 19th, the results of 13th TIGER ROAR award officially released. Illuminera  proudly won the "Big Data & AI Marketing Agency" Award again, and Ghawar, big data platform of Illuminera, won the "Best Marketing Effects Monitoring &  Evaluation Platform".  

Since it was established 15 years ago, Illuminera has been dedicated to help brands achieve the ultimate goal of branding and marketing, maximize business impact and influence with end-to-end marketing services from insight, strategy, innovation, creative and route to market by data empowerment. Relied on data-driven marketing consulting service, independent algorithms and AI technology, unique data assets across industry and automatic marketing solution, Illuminera  provides multinational companies and well-known brands with marketing services based on LTV, including product development, launching, scaling, etc. This is also the second time for Illuminera to win the same award of "Big Data & AI Marketing Agency".

As a high-tech and specialized innovative enterprise of Shanghai, Illuminera strives to reform the traditional marketing industry by new technology and new mode. After 2 years of R&D, Ghawar, a new generation of consumer-perspective mobile insight platform was officially launched in 2021. Integrating big data and small data, Ghawar is able to achieve continuous tracking through cross-touchpoints at full spectrums of consumer journey. It forms unique business insights with AI algorithms, data modeling, and business analytics.

Ghawar vs. other media tracking products

Ghawar so far has been able to collect more than 20 kinds of multi-dimensional behavioral data, from more than 30 mainstream APPs and over 60 touchpoints, including ad exposure, purchase/browsing, live-streaming, advertorial, info search, usage frequency/duration, etc. With advanced AI algorithms, Ghawar is able to extract structured data on consumer behaviors, which helps brands acquire key measurement on campaign effectiveness (e.g. real reach and impression), track the short and medium term seeding effect (interest, ROI and conversion) and the change of consumer mindset.

Moreover, Ghawar insight platform has built up 7 mature solutions involving 3 dimensions composed of intelligence & insight, tactics optimization and effectiveness monitor. In addition to the recognition of TIGER ROAR Award committee, Ghawar also won the Golden Vision Award of "Marketing Platform of the Year" by the Advertiser Review and was listed among the Socialone BrandPartner20|50 digital innovation products.

  • Media Landscaper:Intelligence about volume& delivery models of soft&hard ads
  • TA Portraitor: well-rounded analysis of TA characteristics & preferences
  • Journey Photoscope: category links dissection about consumers' behavior and mindset 
  • Creativity Encyclopedia: mobile communication materials database 
  • Seeding Accelerator: efficient seeding media and content strategies 
  • Campaign Evaluator: campaign assessment of audience reaching and short& long term effect
  • Routine Placement Tracker: keep monitoring delivery reaching and seeding effects of products

In the complicated and uncertain world of marketing, Illuminera leverages the power of data to unleash the potential of brand innovation, helping brands continue to grow,achieve business success, and promotes the marketing revolution with industry together.

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