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Illuminera Launched XIEZHI, B2B Strategy Partner & Business Booster

Illuminera Launched XIEZHI, B2B Strategy Partner & Business Booster

On December 20th, Illuminera officially announced the launch of its new boutique XIEZHI(獬豸), dedicated to empowering B2B companies in areas of continuous client acquisition and thus sustainable business growth.

XIEZHI is a winged holy beast that roams in every Chinese consciousness. As the boutique name suggests, XIEZHI strives to add wings to our clients and elevate their games to another level. Illuminera is aimed to provide customer-centric marketing consulting to the B2B world, to build brand value, get rid of low-price competition and realize the development and implementation of brand strategy by its profound market insight and rich experience in business practice. 

In the competitive business environment, resources are always scarce. Through years of client services, we have found in B2B enterprises, they could be many hidden but potential assets that have not yet been converted into business generation. Thus XIEZHI was founded to help B2B enterprises quickly change from the reckless "staking" thinking to "professional" competitive thinking, through our professional business insight, scientific marketing tools and end-to-end services.

We aspire to become the strategic Profit Impact Partner of enterprises, and effectively improve their organic competitiveness and drive for higher business value.
Apple Lu
Boutique Leader of XIEZHI

"4321 rule" of XIEZHI

Effective branding strategy is a long-term tool for B2B enterprises to maintain continuous business performance. The unique "4321 rule" of XIEZHI will help B2B enterprises systematically break the business-oriented dilemma, sort out long-term development strategy issues and short-term operating profit issues, activate existing idle resources, and build a three-dimensional corporate competitiveness that is differentiated, professional and concise.

Business Empowerment Pyramid System of XIEZHI

With rich project experience in the fields of FMCG and healthcare, Illuminera has provided clients with many global leading insight-driven marketing solutions, which will also create solid capabilities of consumer insight and digital solution for XIEZHI team, to build a business booster for B2B enterprises, to enhance business stickiness and value, and to help companies seize the opportunity to gain first-mover advantage in B2B industry marketing.

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