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Illuminera x Haleon | Ghawar helps health & wellness industry optimize short to medium term seeding effect
Ghawar was the first to show us the seeding effect of different media types, which became the basis for optimizing media structure and frequency control. In terms of content creation, Ghawar not only extracted a series of feasible and optimal practices, but also provided a large number of concrete positive and negative materials as reference for us, to rapidly improve our own seeding effect. This allows us to reshape the whole consumer journey. Once the strategy is clear, we expect Ghawar to continuously track and diagnose our marketing effects, accelerating the iterative optimization of our different marketing campaigns.
——Jessica Xu

Head of CBIA,Haleon

In mid-July, Haleon was officially launched focusing on the consumer health business, to compete with other brands in the Chinese health supplement market.

With the increasing fragmentation of marketing touchpoints, the "data silos" are formed among different touchpoints, and consumer journey is gradually separated. Due to lack of consumer-perspective insights, it is difficult for brands to design precise media strategy. In addition, existing advertising monitoring and evaluation platforms or tools are all concentrated in a single ecosystem, which results in the difficulty to get through cross-platform data. Brand cannot gain the evaluation data of the real and whole consumer journey cross "reach-intention-purchase" via multiple touchpoints either. 

Healthcare and wellness industry in China has a late start, while the market scale and penetration rate are lower than those in developed countries. However, when the aging population is accelerating and caring of personal health increasing, consumers’ demand for supplement products is also escalating, and the consumer journey is gradually formed with the market evolution. Under this circumstance, how can we refine consumer insights across touchpoints, help the brand establish an evaluation mechanism for successful seeding in ecommerce scenario, in the while effectively improve the effectiveness of soft ads and hard ads? With its unique IN-APP data collection capability to fully capture cross-touchpoint consumer behaviors, Ghawar, the big data platform of Illuminera, has the honor to work with Haleon to deliver breakthrough innovation through real and comprehensive insights of consumer journey. The unique problem-solving ideas and effective optimization directions help the client fully see through the process of seeding, accurately confirm the direction of media investment, and strongly empower the optimization of seeding effect.

Diagnose the difference in advertising efficiency and play the role of media

Analyzed the APP touchpoints of wide coverage and high frequency among consumers (esp. TA group with calcium vitamin intention) from two dimensions, namely media habits and the recent landscape of digital advertising, Ghawar revealed the main advertisement types of supplement industry in each touchpoint, as well as soft and hard advertising of flagship products and communication focus of several major brands on different APPs.

On this basis, Ghawar used the original "post exposure" analysis framework to focus on the effects of "from exposure to visit, intention" and "from off-site to E-commerce (EC)" to diagnose the performance differences of distinct media. Ghawar found that it might take several days or even ten days from the exposure of the advertisement to generating interest behaviors in the category; it may also experience repetitive side step among multiple APPs. Ghawar can truly monitor consumer behaviors across APPs, not only to obtain immediate behaviors on the same APP, but also to capture the cross-touchpoints and cross-ecological behavioral journey generated by consumers after a period of time.

Combining the main features of the APP and the calcium vitamin category, Ghawar successfully identified the focal points in the business, and gave strategic suggestions on key APPs to be focused in the follow-up operation, corresponding media mix as well as cooperation models. Take some advice as example, which APPs are better for acquiring consumers and giving exposure, which ones are better for in-depth education, and which ones allow for final confirmation before placing an order.

Dig deep for optimal creative elements , and optimize the consumer journey in and out of EC Platform

Leveraging Ghawar’s capability in campaign evaluation, we compared the seeding effect of different communication materials used by health and wellness brands, and summarized the top 10 receipts to devise successful content/social strategy in platforms such as Douyin and Red. We also analyzed the target consumers with strong intention in health supplement products and sorted out the classified shopping journey , by doing which consumer's mindset was accurately decoded. In addition, based on the characteristics of powerful seeding creatives and types of consumer journey, we have provided clients a whole set of operation suggestions and guidelines for different consumer groups in terms of media, channels, content, etc., to optimize the marketing strategies both in and out of EC platform, to expand category reach among high potential TA group, finally to improve the seeding efficiency in short and medium term.

With Ghawar unique technical advantages and Illuminera’s strong marketing consulting capability, we provide our client with marketing strategy covering all aspects of consumer journey from media selection, creative  optimization, to seeding efficiency improvement in and out of EC platform . We will continue to support Haleon's consumer healthcare business, improving its media efficiency and seeding power, tracking and evaluating the effects of media placement and marketing campaigns, so that we can empower client’s end-to-end smart marketing systems.

In addition to Haleon, Ghawar now is serving many other well-known brands powered by a series of business solutions including Media Landscaper, TA Portraitor, Journey Photoscope, Creative Encyclopedia, Seeding Accelerator, Campaign Evaluator and Routine Placement Tracker, etc., assisting brands break through the various pain points in the market.